Before you know it, the boys will back on the ice—and back with billet families. Are you ready?


The fact is, most hockey teams are still scrambling to find billet families just 14 days before players report. It makes an unplaced player and his parents nervous. It makes billet coordinators crazy. And it makes the team look bad.

We know you’ve been there. You ask an unsuspecting family to let a teenager they’ve never met live with them for six months. Or, the billet family you’ve relied on for years says, “Nope, we’re done.” Or, your billet coordinator (maybe you?) just doesn’t want the hassle anymore.

Sound familiar? As a hockey mom and billet mom myself, I’ve had the very same problems. And after commiserating with frustrated coaches, support staff, and billet pros, I realized much of the problem comes down to these three things:

1. New families feel nervous because they don’t really understand what they’re getting into.

2. Former billeters may have had problems with no way to resolve them, so they’re reluctant to commit to another year.

3. Billet coordinators are worn out—because traditional coordination is just too much time and trouble.

These are the problems Billet Better set out to resolve. Our billeting package downloads are the result.

For the next few posts, we'll talk about ways to work with your billet community. How can you Inform. Excite. Remove risks. And get rid of repetitive hassles and headaches. 

I'll share what I've learned from billet communities I've met. I'd love to hear about your successes (or hard lessons), too!

If you're a billet coordinator who has a few tricks up your sleeve for reeling in billet hosts this time of year, speak up! Add to the comments and tell us what makes billeting click in your community.

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