You know those days when you're rushing to get out the door, you haven't been grocery shopping, and yet your players are starving for dinner/lunch/post-game snack?

Okay yeah, pretty much every day of the hockey season.

This soup has been my busy-day standby for years since it cooks up in less than 10 minutes. And what do you know, my players love it too. Best of all, it's so easy, they can cook it up themselves in one pot. Score.

Stock up on the ingredients; they'll keep on your shelves and in the freezer for any quick meal fix. Ready... Go.


Serves 2 people (or 1 hockey player). Double the recipe in a snap.

1 can (14 oz) chicken broth

1/2 can (14 oz) coconut milk (about 1 cup)

1/2 t. salt

1/2 c. diced chicken (leftovers, or I use frozen Tyson Grilled & Ready Diced Chicken Breast straight from the bag)

1 package ramen noodles (discard the seasoning packet, so any flavor is fine)

1/2 lime

shredded cheddar cheese

Optional add-ins: sliced mushrooms, diced bell peppers, shredded carrots, chopped celerychopped

Optional toppings: chopped cilantro, tortilla strips


  1. Heat chicken broth and coconut milk until boiling.
  2. Add salt, chicken, and ramen noodles. If you're adding vegetables, add them to the pot now. Reduce heat and simmer 3-5 minutes until noodles are softened.
  3. Squeeze lime juice into soup, stir. Serve immediately topped with shredded cheese and optional toppings.



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