A billet family? You want us to do what?
That nice lady you just saw at the rink isn’t asking for money. In fact, she’s probably offering to pay YOU to support your local junior hockey team. By billeting a player for the season.
Say what?
Billeting is a fancy way of saying “an out-of-town player who lives with a local family for the hockey season.” And you should totally consider doing it. Here’s why.
A Billet Family Offers Opportunity
These hockey players have goals and want to build their skills to get there. They often don’t have a hockey team or league near home at the level they need to develop. Or, your local team sees great potential and has recruited them to move hundreds or thousands of miles away.
Players serious about their hockey future may start playing away from home around age 14. Most players who billet are between 16 and 20 years old. They move in with a billet family and become part of everyday life. They share meals and chores. Go to school or work. And play lots and lots of hockey.
A Billet Family Makes Hockey Careers More Affordable
Hockey is expensive. Really, really expensive. Lessening the cost of living expenses away from home helps a player pursue their hockey goals.
You won’t get rich being a billet family. But you will get a monthly stipend to cover food and basic accommodations for a player. It’s the relationship that really pays off.
Billet Families Are Their Own Community
Love hockey? Or just love the enthusiasm of young athletes? Volunteering as a billet family greatly supports your local hockey organization. You’ll become part of a new circle of great people.
And don’t worry. If you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, there’s a hockey community who has your back. You’ll find like-minded people who can answer questions, make suggestions, or just fumble through with you.
Billet Families Make Lifelong Friendships
This is by far and away the first and best reason people give for billeting. Players and hosts often become part of each other’s extended families and stay in touch for years to come. You’ll get to know your player’s own family and probably find new friends (and maybe even a place to stay) should you go visit there!
Feel the love these players have for their billet families >
Take the Stress Out of Billeting
Billet Better is developed by a hockey mom who didn’t know a thing about billeting going into it. Like a lot of billet families, some lessons came the hard way — and Billet Better works to prove that billeting can be a big win all around.
Our products are based on input from experienced billeters who have seen the good and the bad — and they’re a smiple, smart way to put everyone’s minds at ease. By making introductions sooner, explaining expectations up front, and putting tricky questions on the table without making anyone feel awkward, Billet Better helps players, their parents, and billet hosts get off to a great start.
Read more about our products using the top navigation of this site, or click here for an overview of Player/Parent, Billet Host, and Team packages.

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