Billet Better is junior hockey’s go-to site for hockey billeting facts, insights, tips, and feedback. Developed by a hockey mom-cum-billet mom, Billet Better gathers real-life stories and feedback from people who live in the thick of the junior hockey world.
Articles, interviews, and survey results continue to grow from spreading relationships with hockey teams and billet hosts across North America. Hockey families and organizations are consistently generous with their ideas, success stories, and even tales of failure in hopes of making the unique experience of billeting better for everyone involved. Be sure to join our conversation on Facebook. If you have a billet group of your own, we’d love an invite to join!
Billet Better products sprouted from this information and provide an affordable, thorough way for parents, billet hosts, and teams to ensure junior hockey players are getting the accommodations and care they need for a successful season while limiting the liabilities for the families and organizations that support billeting. Besides appreciating the site as a resource throughout the hockey season, people who buy Billet Better products are consistently delighted, wondering “why has no one done this before?”
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