They share the weight room. The locker room. Hotel rooms. And long long bus rides. Any wonder that when flu season hits, it hits hockey teams hard? Hit back quick with a plan:


  • Once a player has the flu, have everyone get tested immediately.

  • Players testing positive may be prescribed Tamiflu which can significantly decrease symptoms and duration of illness.

  • Consider a quarantine. Better to get it over with and out of the locker room before playoffs start.


  • Get vaccinated at the start of the season.

  • Even if you’ve rarely been sick in the past, hockey circumstances put you at much higher risk.

  • Visit the doctor as soon as you feel flu symptoms. A quick prescription can reduce symptoms and length of time you’re off the ice.

  • Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands.

  • Don’t share water bottles on the bench.


  • Your player is going to bring home the team’s gunk. Be prepared.

  • Likewise, your family’s flu is likely to spread to your player—and the team.

  • Enforce hand washing. And lots of it.

  • Wipe down door knobs, light switches, refrigerator door, cabinet doors…anyplace commonly touched by the household.

  • Encourage and facilitate doctor visits. Make sure your have proper releases for your player. 

Flu tips from USA Hockey >

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