What do billet families dread? We asked new and seasoned billet hosts across North America. Without exception, their fears fell into these categories: Entitled players, schedule demands, girlfriends, billeting costs, and the endless amounts of food.

The good news? Many of these problems can be resolved at the start of the season — or even now! Set expectations straight by clearly defining your billet relationship. Write down things that cause you concern and what you’d like to see. Open dialogue for discussion. Then make an agreement and put it on paper.

If you’re not sure where to start, Billet Better has documents for purchase that makes everything about billeting really easy. Our easy-to-use templates adapt to individual situations and expectations, and cover common points of friction, plus many you’ve probably never thought about.

Why? We’ve talked to plenty of billet hosts, players, and parents about good and bad billet experiences. Learn from their hard-won lessons and personal when-we-do-this-again pledges with helpful checklists and digital forms.

Billet Better products specifically address:

  • Player meal expectations and dietary needs
  • How the billet fee/allowance will be spent
  • How a billeting player is expected to contribute to the home
  • Transportation needs
  • Team scheduling
  • House rules of the billet host
  • And much more!

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