So what exactly do you get with a Billet Better package? How do you use the documents? What is this billeting thing all about, anyway? These are the questions we like to answer. If you can't find your answer, please email us—we may just add your question and solution to the list!

Questions About Billeting

What does it mean to "billet" and why do players and hosts do it?
Billeting is a fancy way of saying “an out-of-town player who lives with a local family for the hockey season.” Why billeting?
  • Opportunity. These players are building skills and often don’t have a team or league near home at the level they need to develop.
  • Cost. Hockey is expensive. Really, really expensive. Lessening the cost of living expenses away from home helps a player pursue their hockey goals.
  • Community. A great way to support your local hockey organization and become part of a new circle of great people.
  • Friendship. By far and away the first and best reason people give for billeting. Players and hosts often become part of each other’s extended families and stay in touch for years to come.
Who billets hockey players?

People who love hockey, people who’ve never seen a hockey game, families with young kids, empty nesters, single people, young married couples… You get the picture. We’ll call them billet families just to make this conversation quicker. Anybody can offer to billet a player, but smart teams (and parents) do background checks and survey the accommodations. Another reason to get ready-to-go documentation from Billet Better.

Do billet families get paid?

As a general rule, yes (although you won’t get rich doing it). The player is responsible to pay a monthly stipend determined by the team (usually $300-400) to cover room and board. What does “room and board” include? A-ha! Billet Better package will help answer and ensure both parties agree on these expectations.

How can I know if billeting is right for me?
If a team has asked you to billet, talk to families who have done it in the past. If you're responding to an ad or volunteering to the team, you've already locked up a spot in hockey heaven. The more you know about billeting (and the better you're prepared -- ahem, did someone say documents?), the better your experience will be.
Read some articles about hockey billeting stories and connect with current billet families on Facebook groups. You'll find links to both below.

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