A ravenous species enter an unfamiliar environment. Are the humans around them friend, or foe?

We’re not talking Jurassic Park dinosaurs. We mean hockey billets.

Like their blockbuster counterparts, players are about to invade new hockey homes this summer. And billet families couldn’t be more excited! And, just like the movie, there are a few good lessons to be learned.

Anticipate clashes.

Let’s face it. When you bring together two different species of living styles, there’s going to be tension. About when is the “right” time to eat? What house rules apply to everyone? And who pays for the new guy’s shampoo and extra snacks?

When both parties know up front what they’re getting into, pesky problems can be as harmless as a young Parasaurolophus.

Information is the key.

Billet Better was created by a billet mom who’d faced down a few scary situations of her own. And came back with a set of documents billet families and hockey players can customize for the season’s billeting arrangements. They cover every bit of important info. And they can be completed right on a phone, tablet, or laptop and shared easily by email or text.

It’s an idea so smart, you might call the people using it billet-ologists. And that leads us to the next point.


Know the Science

Just like Jurassic Park’s paleo heroes, the people who know their billeting stuff are the ones who have the solutions.

Billet Better packages are research-based forms guided by feedback from dozens of real-life billet families, players, and their parents.

You’ll get essential agreements like our top-rated Billet Home Contract. Important legal documents for guardianship, medical care, and liability issues. And just plain helpful information like a central list of contact and family bio details.


Have a Plan for Good

Sure, the world has its bad guys who want to take on billeting just for the money. And players who run rampant, devouring decency without a thought.

But families and players who use Billet Better don’t leave things to chance.

Billet Better documents get introductions started in the pre-season. Everybody feels a lot more comfortable knowing just what they’re getting into. It lays the groundwork for a successful season. And who know? A story starring you and your billets just might lead to a sequel.


To get a preview of Billet Better documents, see what’s included in each mix. We sell packages compiled for junior hockey players and their parents, hockey billet host families, as well as hockey teams and their billet coordinators.

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