So what exactly do you get with a Billet Better package? How do you use the documents? What is this billeting thing all about, anyway? These are the questions we like to answer. If you can't find your answer, please email us at — we may just add your question and solution to the list!

What do I get in a Billet Better package?
The Player, Billet, and Basic Team packages include PDF files of the documents described. You can save, print, email or text the PDFs—even sign them electronically. Way easier than printing, signing, scanning, finding a stamp, buying a carrier pigeon, etc.
The Recruiting Package includes tips, instructions, and templates to help you recruit new billet families and build your billeting community throughout the year.
The Complete Team Package combines documents from ALL the packages and adds your logo. With this package, you can send customized docs to your organization, recruit with a consistent look, and show what a buttoned-up team you are. One more way to impress players, parents, and billets alike.
Billet Better packages have all your billeting documents (including many you’ve never thought about) to cover all your bases and cover your back.
How can Billet Better documents work for everyone?

The challenge of billeting is that everyone has different habits and different "norms" at home. Instead of suggesting everyone billet a player the same way, Billet Better documents allow Players and Billet Hosts to define their individual situation.

The Billet Home Contract sets forth a list of house rules and expectations that tend to be the source of many billet tensions (some you probably wouldn't think of yourself!) These are based on feedback gathered from dozens of real people who have billeted before. Billet Hosts simply check which items apply to their household and fill in the blanks to make clarifications.

With the Billet Contract, the Billet Host lets a Player and his parents know what to expect so they can ask questions. Once agreed on by both parties, everyone has something to refer to if an issue comes up. It makes a problem easier to resolve together; it also gives a coach/organization something in writing to use as backup if an issue gets messy.

The Billet Home Contract is just one of the helpful forms in Billet Better Packages. Other documents include Medical and Legal releases, liability and travel protections, and more. All of these are created to be easily modified to fit your unique circumstances.

Can I share Billet Better documents?
Player and Billet packages may be distributed among one player, his/her parents or guardians, and his/her billet household. The documents are yours to use as many seasons as you'd like.
Could you share the stuff you bought with others? Yeah, probably. But it wouldn’t be very ethical. You’d be enabling freeloaders. And you’d take away the few dollars Billet Better might very well spend for a ticket to your game.
The Complete Team package may be distributed among one team, including contracted players, their parents or guardians, and billet households. Since it's customized with the team logo, Billet Better will make your organization look top notch. Hang on to every advantage.
How do I use Billet Better documents?

Most Billet Better documents are provided as PDF files. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader (download it free) to read, complete, and sign the forms on a desktop or laptop. You need an app to complete, sign, and send along docs from your iPhone or Android.

After making any edits and digitally signing the document, save each file to your device. You can attach files to an email to send to your player and/or parents, billet family, or team billet coordinator. If using an app, you can also text the signed document.

Why isn't my document saving the information I type in?
Make sure you’re using Acrobat Reader to complete a form on your desktop or laptop. A form opened in your browser will let you type in the fields, but your work won’t be saved or printed. Once you’ve opened the PDF file in Acrobat Reader, use the Fill & Sign tool to complete and save your document. If you’re using your phone, same thing applies. You have to use an app like Adobe Fill & Sign PDF (available free) to complete, save, and send forms from your phone.
How do I add a "real" signature to my Billet Better document?

Acrobat Reader and the Adobe Fill & Sign apps have a “Fill & Sign” tool. You can type in your name, select a font that mimics handwriting, or (best option) actually sign your name using your trackpad. Use these handy how-to instructions from Adobe.