Which Package Is Right For You?

Compare the contents of Billet Better products below.

The Player and Billet Host Packages get you started on a positive billeting relationship, whether the team organization is involved or not. The super-affordable prices and super-easy-to-use documents make it possible for everyone in junior hockey to billet better this season.

The Basic Team Package complements the Player and Billet Host docs and makes a Billet Coordinator's job much easier. See how these documents complete the flow of information among teams, players, and billet families.

The Billet Recruiting Package includes essential tools to find billet families each season. You'll get a year-round billet recruiting schedule, social media ideas and instructions, ready-to-use ad and flyer templates, strategies for building a loyal billet community, and more! Visit the Teams page for full Recruiting Package contents.

The Complete Team Package combines all the documents from the Player, Host, Basic Team, and Recruiting Packages -- PLUS brands all documents with your logo. Simply send players and billet families your ready-to-go billeting package. You'll look professional. Ease the burden of billet management. And create serious loyalty to your organization.

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